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Dreadlocks are fabulous looking, but proper dreadlock maintenance requires special grooming to keep the hair looking great.

Once you've got your new hair style, taking good care of dreadlocks often becomes a top priority. Whether you decide to take care of your style on your own or with the help of a professional stylist, dreadlock hair care is as hard or as simple as you want it to be.

Many people have these mythical thoughts that having dreadlocks means less hair maintenance. It doesn't though; having dreadlocks just means having a different hair maintenance routine.

It's true that dreadlock maintenance is a low-key affair...when it comes to styling at least. There are a few more components to consider in a good hair care plan for your dreads, though.

These basic hair care steps won't make your maintenance routine for your dreads any harder; just different. And the difference will definitely show in your locks as they grow healthier, shinier and bouncier than ever before.

There are several different locking processes. But it really doesn't matter how you start your locks , proper maintenance of your dreadlocks is key.

When you begin the locking process, experts agree that locks should not get wet for the first 4-6 weeks that locks are started. The reason for this is that it is believed that the first 4-6 weeks of a new lock is the most critical stage. It is at this time that the hair needs to mesh together naturally. Any obstruction of the natural beginnings of the hair meshing together, can disrupt the locking of the hair.

But many others who have started locks disagree with this theory and wash their locks before 6 weeks and still have lovely locks. It's really about personal preference.

However, during this time (4-6 weeks) the scalp may become itchy. To cleanse an itchy scalp while growing your dreadlocks, some good products that do not clog the pores or cause build-up are Anti-Itch Scalp Oil and Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse.

Add a dab of either on a cotton swab and apply sparingly to the scalp.

It's best to have a professional maintain your locks in the beginning once they start to fully lock. Your stylist will be able to show you how to keep your dreadlocks looking neat and well groomed.

To keep dreadlocks from looking dull, stay away from heavy oils like petro

eum jelly, petroleum or products with these ingredients. These man-made products cause buildup and cause lint and residue to attach to locks.

Don't use waxes either - although many may argue otherwise. Overtime, wax can cause buildup in the center of the lock and produce a gooey residue as time goes on. Many dreadlock wearers who chose the use of wax to begin their locks have regretted their decision.

However, if you are looking for another option to wax, some good products to use are oils that are close to the hairs naturally oily state like patchouli oil or other essential oils like tea tree oil, rosemary oil or jojoba oil. Actually, tea tree oil is a great choice as it removes the itchy feeling that may occur on the scalp.

Stay clear of shea butter or beeswax as they can lead to buildup and leave behind a sticky film on the hair over time.

Keep lint at bay by tying your head at night with a loose fitting hair wrap made of satin or silk. Polyester is also a good option because it allows the hair to also breathe when covered. Don't want to cover your hair? A satin or silk pillowcase is also a good choice.

To wash locks after they have matured, some experts recommend washing dreadlocks every 2-3 weeks, but this really depends on your lifestyle and tolerance level.

If you work out or have the need for water on your locks, washing your hair more often or whenever you feel the need is also an option.

Just be gentle on your hair. As you wash your scalp, massage gently with the tips of your fingers and try to retwist to avoid locks from meshing together.

To moisturize dreadlocks daily adding more luster without the buildup, consider a natural castor or mink oil.

These can also be great for retwisting roots along with other essential oils

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