Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hair care

Dreadlocks are fabulous looking, but proper dreadlock maintenance requires special grooming to keep the hair looking great.

Anyone trying to grow, twist and train dreadlocks will have different results from anyone else, because no two people have the same hair. And if you let your hair go, you’ll get dreads – but they’ll be the result of no dreadlock maintenance. This is referred to free-form dreadlocks.

However, it's easiest to grow dreadlocks with curly/coarse hair because it's easier for the hair to cling together to matte.

The danger of bad dread maintenance is stressing the hair leading to breakage. This can be prevented with proper care.

More successful dreadlock wearers wash their hair every two weeks. If you’ve only had dreadlocks for less than a year, be more careful when washing. If you’ve had dreadlocks for decades, chances are you can wash them as much as you want. Do what is right for your particular dreadlock maintenance.

Creating dreadlocks with good dreadlock maintenance usually takes one to two years at which time your dreadlocks will go through different stages.

During this time, it’s important to make sure that your hair care products are all natural for good dreadlock maintenance.

Stay away from chemicals if you can that may stress your hair and damage your dreadlocks. Unless you happen to be unusually active, washing your hair once a week is good dreadlock maintenance.

Also avoid wax on the hair as this can lead to buildup in the long run. Many dreadlock wearers have regretted adding wax to their dreads in the beginning.

When you wash your hair you can either air dry it or towel dry your hair. In fact, if you want to be super great at your dreadlock maintenance, purchase a couple of lint-free towels so you won’t find pieces of your towel in your dreads.

· If you do find your hair has accumulated some dust and lint over time, apple-cider vinegar and water rinse is an excellent cleanser as it removes build-up naturally.

· Don't forget - never twist your dreads continuously throughout the day. The hand in hair syndrome can be addictive, but try to avoid it. It's best to re-twist dreads when the hair is damp - especially after a wash.

· Massaging your scalp is also considered a common dreadlock maintenance step. The massage apparently releases natural oils from your scalp into your hair, preventing dryness and possible breakage.

· Avoid fabrics that may pull on your hair! Sleeping on cotton or flannel may cause your hair to pull against the material while you sleep.

· Satin or silk sheets are less likely to stick to your hair and cause pulling that may harm your hair. If you do prefer cotton sheets, try using a silk scarf around your dreadlocks when you sleep for excellent dreadlock maintenance.

· To add some extra life into your dreadlocks, consider wearing hair accessories that will add some spunk to your stylish dreads. You'll definitely be turning heads.

Your hair will grow, and your roots will need to be twisted. When there is enough growth to twist them, make sure that you twist each dreadlock in the same direction for dreadlock maintenancethat gives your dreads the best look.

A visit to a professional dreadlock stylist is a great idea to make sure your deadlock maintenance is on track.

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